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History of Prophecy Center Schools of Ministry


In the winter of 1989, Apostles Daniel and Cereda Rispress were spending their last week in Los Angeles, California. They went to a church in Banning, California to minister for the mother of Andre Crouch. At the end of that service, Elder Lucius Jones prophesied and told them that they’d return to the East Coast, have a learning institution and that people will come from far and near to learn. He also said “I wish I could attend myself.” Since that time there were other prophecies, dreams and words of encouragement.


Then in August of 1997, God spoke to Apostle Cereda Rispress in a dream. She dreamed that she was in an Amphitheater with theater style seats where many had come to hear the prophets speak a word from God. As they sat and waited, the main prophet called Apostle Cereda (then she was a Pastor) out. As she stood, he pointed his finger at her and said, “I see dollars, dollars and dollars. You have labored long without the funds you needed and you have not let dollars be your focus. I am going to give you dollars for souls.” Then the minor prophet came and laid his hand upon her shoulders and said, “The swelling in your feet is water,” and that’s all he spoke. Apostle Cereda awoke and began to ponder the dream. God made things clear and revealed the meaning of Revelation 19:10b to her and it became the theme of the school, “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” This gave Apostle Cereda the faith to move forward in establishing the school and its curriculum.


After receiving the dream and revelations, Apostle Cereda asked God, “What do you want me to do with what You have been saying? Just tell me and I will do it.” God said, “Call the prophets (Daniel Rispress, Mary Bean, Ronald & Sybil McNabb and Bennie Harold) together!” When she did they all responded favorably.


Prophecy Center Schools of Ministry was meeting in homes, churches, schools and a library and soon outgrew those spaces. During this growth God said, “More Classes.” Therefore, more class and teachers were added.


In 2006, Prophecy Center School of Ministry became Prophecy Center Schools of Ministry. The founders Apostles Daniel and Cereda Rispress along with a team of 3 traveled to Fairmont, West Virginia to teach and introduce the school to several members of the community and friends. 

Each year in June PCSOM presents a convening. Students, teachers, board members, quest speakers and arts ministers will prophetically minister before the Lord and to the attendees, what the Holy Spirit speaks. These sessions are open to those looking to hear and receive what the Lord has to say.  


Today, The Prophecy Center Schools of Ministry is located at 1600 South 6th in Columbus, Ohio.  


We are now in our 22 year and continuing to move forward.

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