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Truth is Still Alive Today!!!

When TRUTH is questioned by those that don't know it, it is still what it is, and that is TRUTH.

When TRUTH is presented and someone doubts it, it will still be nothing other than TRUTH.

If others debate the validity of it, Truth will remain just what it is and that is TRUTH.

Whenever TRUTH is refuted by lie, TRUTH will forever be nothing but the TRUTH.

TRUTH is eternal; therefore it can cancel fact at times, facts will change with circumstances, but TRUTH will stand regardless.

TRUTH will never need to be chased nor traced, but lie will always call for another round of itself.

Jesus said, "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE..." When TRUTH speaks TRUTH, it is settled.

Let's declare together..."I will tell the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH with the help of THE TRUTH HIMSELF.

TRUTH is Just What it is and ALWAYS Will be...TRUTH CR,Apos

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